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Parts & Repairs

NOTICE:  In all cases, contact me before sending something in for repair.  Some things can be fixed over the phone or by sending you a part.  Anything sent here needs your return address and a note of what is wrong inside the package.  Note that our address is now in Chaska MN.

Handpads don't work:  If a handpad goes bad or intermittent, the wire is the usual cause, as the switches are just about always good.  A shorted wire will buzz in all the time, even without pushing the handpad.  A handpad with a broken wire will not buzz in, or be intermittent.
Possible repairs:
1.  Get an RCA cable from Amazon, cut it to length and solder it in, replacing the old wire.  Skinny wires won't hold up.
2.  Send the handpad here and I'll repair it and mail it back.  $5.00 plus S&H.
3.  Buy new handpads.  $21 plus S&H.
4.  I mail you replacement cables and you solder them in.  

Handpads are intermittent:  Could be a bad wire (see above), or a poor connection at the quizbox.  If the jacks at the back of the quizbox have lost their grip, the quizbox will have to be sent in and the jacks replaced.  

Pushbutton switches are missing their caps:  First determine which style of cap you had: 
1.  One that looks like a black pencil eraser.  When it is missing, you are left with a hole in the panel and can see part of a black switch under there with a small hole in the center, and usually 4 holes around the center hole.  These are available for $.50 each plus S&H.  
There are two sizes:  short for quizboxes with a timer display; and tall, for National Bible Bowl, the Pocket Quizzer, and Awana boxes.
2.  A shiny button with a curved-in top.  When it is missing, you are left with a white stem sticking up from a switch mounted to the panel with a now-visible nut.  These are available for $.75 each plus S&H.  Note:  if the white stem has broken off, the whole switch needs replaced.

The adapter has gone bad / the quizbox doesn't turn on:
The problem usually shows up as frayed wires near where they exit the adapter body.
The one-size-fits-all adapters are no longer available.  Use the following as a guide; the connector size is 5.5 x 2.1 mm. 
If you have any doubts, contact me.
- Any quizbox with a timer display:  12 Volts AC or DC.  Most require 1 Amp of current.  Polarity doesn't matter.
- Free Methodist:  9 - 12 Volts AC or DC, 200 mA current minimum.  Polarity doesn't matter
- Pocket Quizzer:  9 Volts DC, or use a 9V battery.  Use the polarity indicated on the Pocket Quizzer itself.
- IQ boxes, NBB boxes and Quiz Cubes:  12 Volts AC or regulated 18 volts DC, with a minimum of 200 mA current.  Polarity doesn't matter.  
- Basic Quizbox and any USB-based quizbox:  5 Volts DC, with USB plug.
You can get adapters from me or Amazon.  Make sure they are FCC and UL approved.

Seatpads work backwards:
  The quizbox customization settings have been changed.  Change the seatpad polarity by following the customization instructions on the bottom of the quizbox or per the operating instructions.

Replacement parts:  (Prices are subject to change)
  AC adapter  $12 plus S&H  (See The adapter has gone bad, above)
  Handpad  $21 plus S&H.  Specify wire length.  Typical lengths are 1' (Quizbox with timer), 6' (Cubes, Pocket Quizzer), 9' (Quizbar, Basic Quizbox)
  Quad Cables  $12.50 plus S&H
  Pushbutton caps  $.50 or .75, see above.