Lockout Buzzer Systems for Church and School Quiz Programs, Game Shows and Corporate Training Quizzes

Since 1981

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Basic Quizbox

The Basic Quizbox is designed to indicate who was first out of 8 quizzers. It can also show 2nd and 3rd places if you configure it to do so.  
It has a built-in timer that starts counting down after a quizzer buzzes in.  It counts down to zero and beeps.  The default timer interval is 30 seconds, but you can configure it from 0 (timer off) to 110 seconds.  A timer / reset box can plug in and give you the following timer intervals:  5, 30, 45 seconds, 1, 2 and 3 minutes.
The quizbox can work with inexpensive PVC switches, brushed aluminum pendant switches, handpads and seatpads. Download Basic_QB_info.pdf for additional information and prices.  
If you quiz with the Assemblies of God,  download AG_info.pdf for information specific to your program.

Knowledge Bowl Quizbox

Used by schools with Knowledge Bowl programs.  

This quizbox indicates who responded 1st, 2nd and 3rd out of 3 teams, and has a built-in timer with displays on both the front and back.  It was originally designed for the Knowledge Bowl League in the Pacific Northwest. Quizzer switches can be 4' tape switches (strip switches), handheld pendant switches, or the new tape measure touch switch.  Download KBowl_nfo.pdf for additional information and prices.


A/G Quizbox with Timer
2nd Generation

Used by:  A/G, PH, Open Door, Hebron Ministries and others.

A quizbox with timer, originally designed for the Assemblies of God quizzing program. It handles all the necessary timer intervals of 5, 30 and 45 seconds, and 1, 2 and 3 minutes, as well as indicating who responded first.  It can also connect to other quizboxes. Download AG_info.pdf for additional information and prices.  
Available as an option:  a Reaction Timer mode for speed drills.  See how many milliseconds it takes you to respond to a random audio cue.
New Option:  The box can show 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, and the time difference between first and second, from one ten-thousandth of a second (.00010) to .999 seconds.


WBQ 3 teams of 5 (shown)
WBQ 2 teams of 5 (available)
WBQ 2 teams of 4 (available)

Used by:  CMA, Nazarenes, BIC, AACS, MASCA, DBQ, EFCA and others.

A family of quizboxes designed for jumpseat quiz programs, but will accommodate hand switches. They are available in 2 teams of 4, 2 teams of 5, and 3 teams of 5. Timer intervals are 5 or 10 seconds to respond, 30 seconds to answer, 45 and 60 seconds for time-outs. Scoreboard connections are available.  Download WBQ_info.pdf for additional information and prices.


Individual Quizboxes

Used by NBB, Battle of the Books, Heartland Academic Competitions, schools, businesses, trainers, and others.

Made for quizzing in the classroom or wherever there is an audience, these boxes daisy-chain together and have a good display of who responded first.  Connect as many as you want (up to some maximum number yet to be calculated), and the first quizzer locks out the rest.   They come with a built-in switch, or you can get them with an RCA jack so you can plug in a handpad (slap switch) or pendant (handheld) switch for remote operation.  The control box (not shown) indicates which team responded first, and has a built-in timer.
Download IQ info.pdf for general information, options and prices.
Download Heartland.pdf for Heartland Academic Competitions specific literature and prices.
Download NBB_info.pdf for National Bible Bowl specific literature.


Quizbowl Quizbox

Used by AWANA, BAAL, Certamen, schools and some churches.

This quizbox indicates who responded 1st, 2nd and 3rd out of 20 quizzers. It supports both Individual and Team modes.  It was originally designed for the Bay Area Academic League and the AWANA quizzing program. Uses individual hand switches. Download QBowl_nfo.pdf for additional information and prices.


Free Methodist Quizbox

Used by Free Methodist churches.

This quizbox indicates who responded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th out of 6 quizzers. It was originally designed for the Free Methodist Church quizzing program. Use with individual seatpads or hand switches. Download FMQ_info.pdf for additional information and prices.



Used by families for practices at home.

A small battery-operated quizbox for 4 quizzers.  It is designed for individual or small group practices, yet you can connect 2 or more together and use them at a quiz meet.  It includes a poor-man's 30 second timer.  It will also connect to most quizboxes to add 4 quizzers.   It was originally designed for the Assemblies of God quizzing program.  Download AG_info.pdf for additional information and prices.


Missionary Church 

Missionary Church Quizbox:  Where it all began in 1981.

Much like the WBQ series of quizboxes, but with connectors and switch polarity unique to the Missionary Church denomination.  Usually used with quiz benches.  Contact me for more information and pricing.



Handbuzzer:  A standard handpad (exactly the same as used in quizzes), but with a battery and beeper inside.  Useful for practicing buzzing in at home.   Download AG_info.pdf for additional information and price. 


USB Handpad / Footswitch

USB Handpad / Footswitch  

The USB Handpad / Footswitch can be used with computer-based gaming or quizzing programs that make use of the "Enter" key.  (pfjbq.com has several.)  On the outside, the switch is the same as quizzing handpads, so quizzers can practice buzzing in on familiar equipment.  To a computer, it appears as a keyboard device, so no software or drivers are required.  Just plug it in, and it will be recognized and ready to go.  When pushed, it sends the data as if the "Enter" key is pressed on a keyboard.  Other keystrokes could be programmed upon request.  These are not certified for medical or machine control applications.  
Download AG_info.pdf for the latest price.  


Quizzing Timer

The Quizzing Timer has the following time intervals:

5, 10, 30 and 45 seconds, 1, 2 and 3 minutes.

- Connect it to a Quiz-Time box to add a jump beep and timer functions.

- Connect it to a QuizBar, Quiz Cubes, or the Pocket Quizzer (all shown above)  to provide timer functions. 

- Or just use it all by itself for the timer.  

Download SATimer.pdf for information and prices.



Quizzer input switches 

They are described starting from the left. Pricing information is included in the quizbox literature.

Seat Pads for Jump-seat programs.  Seatpads are placed on top of the chairs the quizzers sit on and "jump" to buzz in.  They come in Red, Yellow and Green, usually with 4 or 5 seatpads in a string, and have the big black octal connector.  Blue ones were introduced in 2016 with a smaller mini-DIN connector for newer quizboxes.  All 4 colors are available as individual seatpads with an RCA plug.  New for 2010 / 2011 season:  seatpads are sewn shut, no longer glued. 

Pendant (Jeopardy) Switches, with  brushed aluminum, soft plastic, and PVC grips.  Held in your fist, you push the button with your thumb to signal in.  

Handpad: Used as a slap switch by many groups.  Used as a seatpad by the Brethren in Christ.  Used as a handicapped pad by those who cannot use jumpseats. 

Tape Switch: At 4 feet long, it is to be laid out on a table, and many quizzers can reach it to buzz in for their team.  Used in Knowledge Bowl quizzing.


Scoreboards - 3 teams of 5 shown.

Scoreboards are available for 2 teams of 4, 2 teams of 5, and 3 teams of 5. The score counts up by 10's and down by 5's or 10's, depending on your program. The question number counts by 1's, and can have an "A" and "B" if needed. It has a lighted background for team names and can show who responded first when connected to a quiz box. Pricing information is included in the quizbox literature.


Didn't see what you need? Contact me with your suggestions, desires, or requirements.  I've done custom quizboxes for fun quizzes at training seminars to  quizzing via video conferencing.