Lockout Buzzer Systems for Church and School Quiz Programs, Game Shows and Corporate Training Quizzes

Since 1981

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Operating Instructions (How to set up and run the quizboxes)

Download AGT_oper.pdf        Assembly of God quizbox with timer, 2nd generation

Download Basic_QB_oper.pdf        Basic Quizbox

Download BIC_oper.pdf          Brethren in Christ quizbox with timer

Download CUBE_oper.pdf      Quiz Cube

Download FMQ_oper.pdf        Free Methodist quizbox

Download kbowl_oper_most.pdf        Knowledge Bowl for WA, CO, MN

Download kbowl_oper_SD.pdf        Knowledge Bowl for South Dakota

Download MC_oper.pdf         Missionary Church quizbox

Download NBB_oper.pdf         National Bible Bowl quizbox

Download PQ_oper.pdf           Pocket Quizzer

Download QBAR_oper.pdf     Quizbar

Download QBowl_oper.pdf     Quizbowl Quizbox

Download WBQ_oper.pdf      Quizbox with timer for most jump-seat programs

Quiz Bench Plans (Basic plans if you want to build your own quiz benches)

Download Aluminum_bench.pdf     Aluminum benches that seat 2 quizzers each. Made from Werner painters platforms

Download Half_bench.pdf     Wood half-benches that seat 2 quizzers each

Download Full_bench.pdf     Wood benches that seat 4 quizzers